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TITLE : Techniques In Large Animal Surgery

This second edition is in response to the acceptance of the first edition and the continued need for such a book for both veterinary students and large animal practitionersthis is basically the same book as turners surgery book same excellent and concise explanations on how to perform sugeries anaesthetics for surgery and how to avoid post operative complicationsalthough many of the techniques described in the first edition of this book have not been revised others have been refined and improvements in perception of indications limitations and complications have been made two procedures teaser bull preparation by penile fixation and treatment of vaginal prolapse by fixation to the prepubic turner and mcilwraiths techniques in large animalsurgery fourth edition is an updated version of the classicresource for step by step instruction on basic surgical techniquesin cattle horses swine goats and llamas1 discuss some of the presurgical considerations that can affect the success of a procedure including the physiological state and condition of the patient predisposing factors for infection and the limitations of the surgeon facilities and equipment

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