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TITLE : Batman Death By Design

Batman death by design is a unique batman graphic novel due to its exceptional artwork but in the story department it comes across a bit lacklustersummary needed this page is missing a well written and detailed synopsis if there is already a synopsis here it might need to be modified or expandedthis is a different focus on batman first off he acts like peter parker with his insecurities and wisecracking humor to himself the tale deals with an aged train depot that has seen better days and a movement in gotham to rebuild it of course theres more to the tale and author chip kidd bringsits been too long since a batman review on kapow luckily we have death by design to give us our bat fix does it satisfy though sonya and al discussthe art in this book is amazing the story harks back to a 1930s style with almost flash gorden like guns and gadgets the story challenges the reader to follow all that is going on in gotham all

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