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TITLE : Power The Ultimate Aphrodisiac

Henry kissinger is possessed of a truly superior intelligence in addition to which he has two qualities which unfortunately many great men lack he is able to listen and he has a very subtle sense of humourpower is the ultimate aphrodisiac those of us old enough to remember henry kissinger recognize this as one of his more famous quotes our day to day lives offer numerous examples of this being trueafter authoring countless sex manuals therapist westheimer aka dr ruth has joined forces with hebrew university professor kaplan to explore a slightly more academic yet still bedroom relatedpower the ultimate aphrodisiac ruth dr westheimer steven dr kaplan on amazoncom free shipping on qualifying offers dr ruths new look at power and sex throughout history both heterosexual and homosexual covers the following intriguing topics power and male sexual display the haremget this from a library power the ultimate aphrodisiac ruth k westheimer steven kaplan looks at the relationship between power and sex using history and literature to explore the trophy wife the harem the political marriage and other evidence of a link between these two forces

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